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Dry Valley Dairy sells fresh Grade A Raw Retail Milk from our dairy. Raw milk is known as nature's perfect food! Raw milk is not pasteurized, homogenized, or processed to remove the essential nutrients found naturally in milk. Our milk still contains the cream, and the consumer must shake before pouring as the cream rises to the top of the container.

Dry Valley Dairy has a herd of Jersey cows that provide the fresh raw milk. Our milk is sold in one-gallon containers and is $5 per gallon.

Dry Valley Dairy is open all day, every day. 
Our dairy is located at 100 Dry Valley Road, Forestburg, Texas.
Please do not use GPS to locate us. Use the directions provided on this website as GPS will send you three miles in the wrong direction.
We can be contacted at 940-964-2549 or 940-768-9030 (Charles' cell and the best number to call!)